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On 2, May Les Belles Vagabondes were in the fashion show organised by the students of the HEC “Association Haute Couture”.

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Christmas edition Marie Claire Idées

Eco-Responsible Commitment

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Since the launch in June 2018, Francoise Thoma, creator of the brand Les Belles Vagabondes, is concerned to anchor the production in a socio-eco-responsible logic.

Our scarves are printed in a “Socially Compliant Organisation” in Calcutta, which guarantees social coverage for their employees and good working conditions in their workshops.

We spent some time in Calcutta in the workshop and the atmosphere is very respectful of the people who work there.

To illustrate these values in the context of Covid: all the workers were paid during the confinement which was very strict in India (100% of the salaries when the workshop was closed and then 60% for the workers at home and 100% when they returned when the factory worked in alternation), we sent an advance so that the financing could be done and we were in very regular contact with the workshop management during this uncertain period.

Today everything is done in a relationship of trust, we have only one supplier with whom we work in partnership and in confidence.

Our summer scarves are made of organic cotton, GOTS labelled. The GOTS label is an international label created in 2002 for organic textiles. It guarantees an ecological and socially responsible production method. It also applies quality requirements.

We use Azo-free inks for printing (AZO-FREE class dyes are used that are free of heavy metals and hazardous chemicals). This limits the environmental risks in the country of production and ensures that the items are safe to wear on the skin.

In 2021, we have taken another step in our eco-responsible approach, we are switching all our packaging to paper. From the beginning we were concerned about all those plastic bags used for packaging our products. From January 2021 onwards, all our scarves will be packed in nice paper bags.

On the front page of Marie Claire


We are proud to have been selected by Marie Claire for the “Coups de Coeur du Printemps” section.

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