The Artisans

Les Belles Vagabondes is an artisanal brand, we advocate the return to a fashion that takes time: the time to be inspired and draw, the time to color and manufacture to obtain high quality products. Lovers of beautiful things, we seek inspiration in the arts, nature and travel.

The Beautiful Work

Our designs are authentic because drawn by hand. Les Belles Vagabondes promote the love of materials: we refuse synthetic materials and prefer 100% natural wool and silk. We refuse digital printing and prefer traditional Indian printing which gives a nuanced and lively rendering.

Ethical and Sustainable

All our scarves are printed in India in a Socially Responsible Organisation. We use AZO Free dyes, free of heavy metals or hazardous chemicals. We therefore limit environmental risks in the country of production and the wearing of items on the skin is safe for health.

The Right Price

We make every effort to produce an anti-spoiled fashion. We take the time to think of every detail, every material and colour. To offer a fair price, we master all stages of development from design to marketing. By buying our products you participate in the movement of a craft and sustainable fashion.