The designer 

Françoise has an atypical background for the environment. Self made designer without academic background but a strong appetite for design, arts and hand craft. She likes to undertake and build, first as a graphic designer at Studio Romancie, then in Africa with African Riddim and finally with the creation of her brand Les Belles Vagabondes. It was in September 2018 that she decided to start this new adventure. 

Our know-how

Les Belles Vagabondes is a craft brand, advocating slow fashion. We are a brand that takes time: time to be inspired and to draw, time to colour and to manufacture to obtain high quality products. Lovers of beautiful things, we seek inspiration in the arts, nature and travel. Our designs are authentic and hand-drawn. Les Belles Vagabondes advocates the love of materials: we refuse synthetics and prefer wool, silk or organic cotton which are 100 % natural. We refuse digital printing and prefer the traditional Indian printing which gives better nuances and authentics colours. 

Our involvement

All our scarves are printed in India in a Socially Responsible Workshop. We use AZO Free dyes, free of heavy metals and hazardous chemicals. We therefore limit environmental risks in the country of production and wearing the items on the skin is safe for your health. We make every effort to produce an anti-waste fashion. We take the time to think about each detail, each material and colour. In order to offer a fair price, we control all stages of development from design to launch. By buying our products, you participate in the movement of a sustainable and artisanal fashion.

BSCI certification for the workshop we work with in Calcutta

The Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI) is a corporate social compliance initiative committed to improving working conditions in international supply chains. It provides organisations with a common code of conduct and an action plan that applies to all sectors and all emerging countries, with the aim of protecting workers’ rights and improving their working conditions. It supports companies on the road to more ethical production, drawing inspiration from the International Labour Organisation. It guarantees workers’ trade union rights, advocating freedom of association and non-discrimination. It also calls for good working conditions that ensure workers’ health and safety, with decent working hours and wages. It outlaws forced labour and child labour. Finally, it is involved in the fight to protect the environment.

Hand printed in Kolkata